No… dumpsters aren’t just for construction projects. Dumpsters can be applied to a multitude of environments, like your home for example. Residential dumpsters can be used for many things around the house.

They’re a great way to collect large amounts of trash with the smallest hassle. Residential dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to fit your home’s needs. Their uses range from disaster cleanup to regular spring cleaning. Everybody’s home needs a declutter session every once and awhile. A residential dumpster is the perfect tool to help you with that.

Here are a few more uses of residential dumpsters:

Home Renovation Projects

The most common use of residential dumpsters by far is home renovation projects. When renovating a home, you compile a substantial amount of garbage. You’ll run into loads of debris such as carpeting, concrete, plaster, flooring, and glass, just to name a few.

Residential dumpsters can handle all of this waste for you. They’ll ensure your renovation project moves along swiftly and as planned.


When moving, chances are, you’ll run into a lot of junk you don’t have a need for. Or just things that have piled up over the years that you’re finally ready to let go of. There’s no doubt that moving results in tons of junk resurfacing.

Finding a place for that junk can often prove difficult, but residential dumpsters are the perfect option. Just simply throw away all the junk you’re finally ready to part with or any furniture that’s not going to make the move. It’s the perfect helper for your move.

Regular Clean Up & Decluttering

If you’re doing a bit of decluttering around the home, you’re bound to run into loads of things that you’re ready to toss. Spring cleaning can bring out a lot of old mementos from storage.

Residential dumpsters are perfect for decluttering. Just toss everything in that you’re ready to part ways with. Your home will thank you for it.

Natural Disaster or Weather Cleanup

If your home has fallen victim to a natural disaster, you’ll most likely have to do some cleanup. This may involve storm debris, such as trees or other elements. Also, the actual damaged parts of your home. This could consist of damaged flooring, shingles, doors, walls, or windows.

No one needs extra stress after a natural disaster. Residential dumpsters can make this process safer and more efficient. A dumpster will help you speed up the process of getting your home back in order after a disaster hits.


Landscaping often produces loads of yard waste like trees, dirt, bushes, leaves, wood, and plenty of other waste. A lot of these items are not regularly accepted in routine weekly trash. Luckily all of these items are accepted in residential dumpsters.

A residential dumpster can be extremely beneficial to your yard work project. Throwing all your waste in a dumpster is easier than waiting for a special yard waste pickup. It’ll save you time so you can put more effort into that yard work.

Foreclosure Cleanup

Foreclosures are an extremely difficult time for a family. Losing your home is a terrible process. And on top of that, you’ll most likely have to get rid of some of your treasured belongings. In order to make this process easier, consider renting a residential dumpster. This way there’s no need to find an additional source to take your belongings.

Bargain Dumpsters Residential Dumpsters

Bargain Dumpsters offers some of the most affordable residential dumpster options that are perfect for all of these uses. Our residential dumpsters come in sizes from 10-40 yards so there’s always an option to fit your needs.

We’ll deliver your dumpster to you and pick it up when you’re finished, taking the headache out of home renovations and decluttering. We offer the most affordable prices on the market with a 100% guarantee of no hidden fees.

Residential dumpsters have a number of hidden uses. Everything from natural disasters to moving can benefit from residential dumpsters. They provide ease and efficiency for plenty of complex projects. If you’re in the market for a residential dumpster of any size, contact the experts at Bargain Dumpsters to get your project started right now.

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