Another holiday, another fridge filled with leftovers. Instead of just letting the food sit in the fridge and rot away here are few tricks to keep those Memorial Day Leftovers fresh and new.

  1. Freeze your leftovers
    • You may not want to look at another hot dog, hamburger or any other Memorial Day food after you have filled your belly to the brim, but if you freeze that food you will thank yourself later. Maybe a few days or a week later you will be craving that amazing meal you mother made and will be able to reheat it up with ease.
  2. Ingredients not Leftovers
    • This is your chance to channel your inner Food Network star. This is your moment to get creative and make a new meal out of the leftovers you have. You will never be able to tell the difference between the cheeseburger you had and the new and improved double stack, cheeseburger melt you created with your own two hands. You can check out some sites like AllRecipes and BigOven to help with inspiration.
  3. Turn Lunch into Dinner, vice versa
    • If you have your meal for lunch or dinner you can always spin the leftover food around to have it for your next meal. You can portion off sizes from the leftovers and pack it in containers that you can take to work for lunch or prepare a meal for dinner.
  4. Make a list
    • If you know what you are going to buy, then you already have an idea of what kind of food you will have leftover. You can start planning in your head the meals you can create from the leftovers and you can size things proportionality.

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