A small garden created with compost materials.
A small garden created with compost materials.

To Compost, or Not To Compost? That is the Question!

So, what exactly can you compost and what can’t you compost? We’ve got just the answer to your question. Things you can are all vegetable and fruit scraps.

This includes things from banana peels, fruit rinds, spices, canned foods, fruit and vegetable pulps from juicing, and moldy fruits and vegetables. Stale, expired, and unwanted breads, doughnuts, cookies, crackers, and noodles are also compost friendly. Basically anything made out of flour is great for composting. Ordered pizza and ate everything but the crust? Good news! Pizza crust is made out of flour and is considered a friendly food scrap! Grains such as wheat, rice, barley, and rye (to name a few) are also good for composting. Most of us can’t jumpstart our days without coffee or tea, but rest assured that your coffee grounds, tea bags, and filters are good food scraps. Save your eggshells to scrap as well, but remember to crush them as small as possible to speed up the process.

Things you can’t compost are meats, dairy, seafood, and oils. Things like meats, bones, fat cleaned from meats, meat skins, and gristle aren’t good for this process. Fish and fish waste are also a big NO- GO for composting. You may think that these products are all- natural (which they definitely are), but they have a hate- hate relationship with food composting. Reason being, they are responsible for attracting rodents, scavenging animals, and maggots. Rotting meats and fish can also produce an unbearable odor to seep out of your compost bin. Dairy products such as yogurt, milk, butter, sour cream, and cheese can imbalance other nutrient- rich foods that we listed earlier. Grease and oil can cause the breakdown of your compost to slow down.

Let’s recycle the food we don’t eat, by giving it back to the environment. Feed the environment what you do not eat to sustain it. If food composting isn’t really your thing, then don’t worry! Most localities offer  bins that you can collect your food scraps in, and let them do the work for you. If you decide to do this at home, please be sure to follow state protocols and procedures for composting, which can be found here.

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