Globally, garbage is generated by the tons!

The Earth is overpopulated and our resources are depleting gradually. This has put a strain on the supply and demand of coal. Coal is a natural resource that we will run out of in the near future because of our dependency on it for electricity and heat. How will this affect us? Well, this means that electricity will become a luxury reserved for those who can truly afford it. This also means that once we’ve exhausted our coal supply, we’d have to find another affordable and innovative way to generate power for our homes. Read on to see how waste- to- energy plants have been helping a highly developed country in Europe.

Waste- to- Energy Power Plants to the Rescue

Fear not! There’s already several companies generating solar power and waste- to- energy power. Waste to energy? That’s a thing? Yes! It’s power generated from the heaps of garbage we generate daily! One country is already taking the lead in this process. Any guesses? SWEDEN! Sweden is taking great strides towards a better tomorrow through the use of waste- to- energy plants. This practice is so beneficial to Sweden (and the rest of us) that less than 1% of their garbage actually ends up in a landfill. The rest of the garbage generated is used by waste- to- energy plants to generate electricity and heat. Sweden has been actively importing massive amounts of garbage from surrounding countries to churn into energy! We’d be more than happy to ship over the Great Pacific Garbage Patch if necessary!

Domestic Perspective

Keeping in mind that one person in the United Sates generates 4.3 pounds of garbage daily, and not to mention that there are more than 323 million citizens in the United States. We could really benefit from these new age waste- to- energy plants. This process doesn’t harm our atmosphere either because it doesn’t produce excessive amounts of carbon dioxide. It’s environmentally safe and it provides power at affordable prices. This sounds like a “ljuv” (sweet in Swedish) deal to us, and a complete win- win situation! You can learn more about how these plants work here.

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