The Veterans Community Project in Kansas City is taking on a “tiny mission” in helping out many homeless Veterans.

The project had built tiny homes for Veterans that do not have a place to call home. They have built over fifty different tiny houses and they all can last a lifetime for the Veterans. Each tiny home contains a full kitchen and bathroom. Each tiny home is the size of a studio apartment. The set up of these tiny houses is to help each veteran to readjust to coming home and having a safe place to eat and sleep. They are welcome to come and go whenever they please.

Another resource that can help build tiny homes is dumpsters. I know it may sound crazy, but so does building a tiny home. An immediate thought of a dumpster home may not be the most appealing, but that is not the case. A dumpster is the same size as most tiny homes built and sometimes can be a little bit bigger it size. The material that a dumpster is made out of is sturdy and able to protect the owner from rain, sleet or snow. When building a tiny home it is all about being resourceful with your space. Building a tiny home inside a dumpster would be extremely resourceful for any non-profit organization, because it can reduce costs and save time for people who are in quick need of a place to live. If we plan to make good of the resources that are around us then we will be able to produce many incredible things like the Veterans Community Project in Kansas City.

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