Everyone could use some good reducing waste tips and Bargain Dumpster is here to share a few of ours

1.Reusable water bottle

  • Say goodbye to the piles of plastic water bottle lying around when you have a reusable bottle. You can use a reusable bottle countless times. Plastic water bottles lurk behind every corner of your life, but you can cut it out when you use a reusable water bottle.

2. Bring your own grocery bags

  • Forget those flimsy, plastic grocery store bags and bring your own. The time and waste you save by bringing your own grocery store bags is incredible and these bags don’t break on your ten-flight hike up to your apartment. You no longer have those random plastic bags flying around your place and you just cut down on some waste in your life.

3. Don’t shop on an empty belly

  • Do not go into that grocery store when you are in hungry hungry hippo mode. You are going to grab at anything and everything. Once you dump out all of your things there are going to be so many left overs and waste piling up. Go to the grocery store when you have eaten and not driven around by food.

4. Know how to reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Recycling symbols are here to help, not scare you away. Educating yourself on how to recycle can make the fear of messing up go away. It is not as difficult as you are making it out to be in your head. Recycling can be as simple as doing the first two tips listed above.

5. Start composting

  • Instead of throwing all of your waste into the nearest dumpster, rethink that decision into composting. All you need is three things to compost: browns, greens and water. After you are done cooking just throw your food scraps into the compost instead of contributing to the build up of waste.



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