Those labels that are slapped onto your food that say “use by, sell by, or best before” dates that are placed onto any food item you buy in the grocery store may not always be the exact date you should throw away your food. They can also be kind of confusing. Those dates are not even regulated by the federal government. If you are trying to get the most out of your money you should look for signs that your food is starting to go bad. Signs are the key to everything.

1. Mold

  • One of the main signs that your food is no longer good for consumption is that there is mold. Those little blue and green spots on your bread is telling you that you should no longer make a sandwich with me.

2. If there is a smell…

  • Smelling your food is a huge indicator that can tell you whether or not your food has gone gross. If it is a few days past the “used by” date then go away and take a sniff. A food smell will be the easiest and first indicator that it has gone bad before anything else.

3. Go ahead and feel your food

  • Go ahead and use your sense of touch when it comes to food. If there is a slimy feeling, then go away and toss that vegetable or fruit into the garbage. If it does not feel good then it most likely will not taste good.

4. Multicolor food is not that good

  • If it is not the same color as when you first bought the product then it is no longer good for your belly. If your meat is any color other than pink or red then it is time to get rid of that and throw it down the shoot.


The worse thing that can happen is that you take a swig or taste of the expired food and you have a bad taste in your mouth for a second. Relying on the labels created by the manufacturers is not a smart way to save money. Your food is going to last at least a couple of days past the date printed on your food. It is going to be safe to eat for you and your family.



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