Challenging to push open the front door, because of massive piles? Finding it incredibly difficult to decide if that item for sixteen years is a true treasure or just something you refuse to throw away? Decide to choose to clean up the home you love. Here are some tips that can help ease the cleaning process.

Separate to organize 

When it comes to cleaning out a house, the cleaners should make some boxes that separate all of the items. 3 main boxes: items to keep, items to throw away and items to donate. This will make sorting through all of the belongings a little easier and able to give back to the community.

Come prepared

Make sure that everyone is prepared to tackle this project. Bringing along some masks and gloves to protect you from what is hiding beneath those piles of boxes. Also, wear closed toe shoes and clothes that you are not going to be upset over if they get dirty or torn.

Local dumpster help

Cleaning out a house with a heavy load of boxes could require a bigger trashcan than what you usually use. Bargain Dumpster offers roll off dumpster from 10 to 40 feet long. Any of our dumpsters would be perfect for this home project. We can drop it off at your house and pick it up when you are finished cleaning.

Remember, hoarding is a mental condition and may ask for some help. The more present you are for the person hoarding, the more they will be able to over come this battle and be able to clean up their life.

If there is an interest in cleaning up a home, you can call Palmetto Commercial Services. They are located in Columbia, South Carolina and specialize in hoarder cleanups. Their phone number is (803)-479-0812.



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