Go put on your swimsuit and get ready to go dumpster diving! Just kidding, you do not really have to go diving into a dumpster to find some treasures. That “trash” you just threw out could be transformed into some new and shiny treasure just for you. Here are some trash to treasure projects to get your creative juices flowing.


  1. Picture Frames
    • Picture frames can be used for much more than just holding your family photos. If you need a place to hang your towel in your bathroom, then hang up that picture frame and bam! A new and improved towel holder (and it saves space).


  1. Old Cabinet Doors
    • Do not throw away those cabinet doors! They are going to be your next DIY project. All it needs is a fresh paint job, drill a few hooks on it and write a clever saying on it. In the end, you will have a beautiful new cup holder or whatever your creativity has created today!


  1. Soda Bottles
    • A bunch of soda bottles lying around? They can serve another purpose than throwing them into the trashcan. You can repurpose them as bracelet holders. Give the bottles a pretty design or paint them from the inside out, after they have dried you can slip your bracelets over them.


  1. Amazon Boxes
    • Instead of throwing away those many Amazon boxes, you can turn one into a basket. All you have to do is wrap the box with some yarn, that you super glue down, cut the flaps and line the box with white liner. You now have a beautiful and simple toilet paper holder for your bathroom.


  1. Tin Cans
    • Need some more outdoor lighting and save some money at the same time? Then do not toss out those tin cans.

On a rainy day or clean out day, you can use any of these creative and fun ideas to recycle any of you goods. Nothing is really trash, unless you throw it away in a trash can. All of these projects are simple and fun to do with any one.

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