As if college could not be any more stressful towards the end of the year, you have to start packing and cleaning out your college room. There may be a lot of things that you first glance at and see it as trash, but take a second look and that trash could become something useful and new. After your home renovation cleanup you can repurpose some small items into something brand new.

repurposed candle jars
  1. Old candles
    • Yes, you can finally find another purpose for those countless amounts of empty candle jars you have hoarded all over your house. You can easily repurpose those old candle jars into bathroom jars that can hold your cotton balls or cotton swabs. Here is a link to how to create these cute organizers for your bathroom.
  2. Wine bottles
    • You can stop stacking up those wine bottles on your kitchen counter like it is some cute decoration for all your friends to see. Instead, you can use your old wine bottles as candy jars. All you have to do is clean out the bottle, fill it up with your favorite candy like M & Ms or Skittles, and plug it closed with the cork. It is so simple and now you finally have a real excuse to have multiple wine bottles stacked up around your home.
  3. Repurpose Binders
    • At the end of each semester, I have a ton of three ringed binders left over, but during the summer I have zero use for any of them. Instead of throwing out the ones that have ripped or broken you can repurpose the three rings into some hooks. All you need is a three-ringed binder and pair of pliers to pull the rings off of the binder. You can easily paint the rings up and make it match your personality.


All three of these quick tips can help out any college student when the end of the semester comes around. Cleaning out doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore! If there is a lot more trash than you expected to have in the end then you can just call up your local dumpster rental to help get rid of the rest of your trash.

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