Moving can be a real big hassle and not a lot of people’s favorite past time. All of the packing and organizing everything can become exhausting. Not to mention the piles and piles of boxes that are about to topple over. These moving tips are to help moving become easier and not so stressful. Moving has never been easier and soon you will become a pro at moving.


Labeling is the key to moving. You have to be organized in order to know what goes where. It is helpful to keep everything together that belongs together, instead of throwing random things to into different boxes.


Instead of emptying out every drawer only to have to fill them back up, you can put plastic wrap over it and keep all of the belongings inside. The plastic wrap is able to keep everything in the drawer and all you have to do is slide it back when you arrive at your knew place.

First Day Basket

A first day basket is a great thing to have once you are all done. This basket should have plastic ware and plates, napkins and cups. That way you do not have to dig through all those boxes for your dishes and you do not have to worry about clean up.

Packing Plates

Plates can be scary to deal with when moving. In order to ensure that you do not lose a plate when going from place to place with them place them vertically in boxes. This makes them less likely to break and don’t forget to wrap them well.

Repurpose Bags

Suitcases and bags can be alternatives to boxes. Pack as many clothes or other belongings into bags and suitcases. This will also save you some money, so you do not have to buy so many boxes.

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