Leftover paint can be used in many other projects. Don’t just push it aside, because these DIY projects are going to get your creative juices flowing. One can of paint can go a long way when it comes to other projects. Here are the top five DIY projects you can do with leftover paint.


Leftover paint can go a long way with staircases. You can create strips or intricate designs to show off your staircase. Painting words down the steps is a new design to show off you creative side.


Bring a wall or old piece of furniture back to life with patterns. Do a freehand pattern and see where the design goes. If you want something more structured, then you can use stencils to help create a pretty pattern.


Painting details can really spice things up with dull furniture. Adding detail to an old door can make it stand out. Using an accent color can really pop and make you notice the door.


Use a sleek and modern style to spruce up some out dated picture frames or a couple of plain cups. Embellish a few lamps by using splatter paint or free hand design. Modernizing some items with leftover paint can liven up a room.


Leftover paint can be a great way to help organize your things. If your desk if overflowing with supplies, color coat jars so everything has their own little, colorful home. Color coating things will help organize any mess and make it fun.

Leftover paint should not be pushed to the back corner or even thrown away. This is a great way to do some DIY projects and bring your home more to life. Painting around your home makes it your own and shows off your creative side.

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