A garden needs daily care and attention, but people cannot put their whole lives on hold for a garden. There are some ways to have a “babysitter” for your garden while you are away. Constantly thinking, “Will my plants survive?” while you are gone is going to come to a stop. Here are some cool tricks to water your plants.

Prep work
  • Prepping your garden before you head out can ensure your garden’s survival. Making sure that the mulch or soil that you use is fresh for the plants can help lock in more water. Watering the plants before you leave helps give them a boost for the rest of the time you cannot take care of them.
Water Bulbs
  • If you are going to go away for a quick weekend trip, then these water bulbs are the perfect trick for potted plants. Fill up the water bulb and then pop that sucker down to the roots and it will water itself. It lets the water out slowly and could last for up to three days. They also make for some cute plant décor.
Timers are amazing
  • Timers are your best friend while you are gone. Set a timer on your sprinklers and watch as your plants survive. All of those plants will be taken care of and never have to go thirsty for water once. This is one of the best tricks to ensure that your plants live while you are away.
Make self-watering bottles
  • Here is another DIY project that can save your plants and save you money. Find all of those old water bottles lying around. Next, poke tiny holes near the bottom half. Then place the bottles in the soil. As they fill up with water it will be released into the soil to the plants.
Bring your garden to the water
  • Many gardens are compiled up of pots. This means that your garden can be easily moved to where the water comes. If it is going to rain carry those plants to an open area to get water access. This is one of the easiest watering tricks to do and does not require anything but you moving the pots from point a to point b.



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