Ever find yourself constantly looking at your bedroom and wanting do a full makeover, but your wallet is telling you something else? That boring wall color is making you feel as dull as it is. The same headboard has been with you for ten plus years, but now it is worn out. Well, it is time to put those HGTV skills to use and give your bedroom a cheap and cute makeover.

Recycled Headboard
  • Samantha Elizabeth shows you how to create this beautiful, vintage shutter headboard. This new headboard can bring life back into your room and give you a revived headboard. This can be the pop of color your room has been waiting for. The best part is that it is an easy DIY and reuses old shutter. A headboard makeover is a nice touch.
Make it your own
  • The best makeover trick anyone can do for their bedroom is to add their own special touch. Add some family photos, hang up your favorite pieces of artwork or cover your walls with some posters. In your private space, you can add whatever you wish. All of the little things is what brings a room back to life.
Change your pillows
  • Changing your pillowcases can be the easiest change to make and can have a big change on your room’s makeover. You can pop down to your local Hobby Lobby and get some fabrics and make your own pillowcases. This can turn into a fun afternoon activity and save money from splurging on expensive cases. This certain makeover can show off your talents.
  • That old dresser or bedside tables could use a little revamping themselves. A new coat of paint will do the trick. A neutral color like beige, white or even grey would be a nice touch to old pieces of furniture. Once it is all finished, it will look brand new!
Thrift stores
  • Thrift stores are full of great things that can be transformed into something new or brought back to life. Shopping at thrift stores is a great activity you can do with the entire family. You can find the perfect items to spice up your room and they will not break the bank.
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