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DIY Garden

June 26, 2018

Do not have any green or land available for you to grow your own garden? Do not worry! There are plenty of other options you can choose from in order to have the garden you have always dreamed of. It is DIY garden time. These DIY gardens are easy to make and not on the […]

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DIY Bathroom Remodel

June 26, 2018

Sometimes bathrooms need a little bit of a makeover and that can be pricey at times. Here are some bathroom remodeling tips that are within a budget and will make your bathroom the star of the show. There are some bathroom projects out there that will elevate the bathroom and are simple for anyone to […]

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Basement Organization

June 25, 2018

Have not been done in the basement for a while? Well it is time to take a walk down there and declutter that basement. Do not let that little voice in your mind say that this task is too overwhelming or you cannot find the time. Organizing the basement is a task that is not […]

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Staining Tips

April 22, 2018

Before you start staining these are some tips that can help that project. Staining can sometimes be messy and tricky, but these tips will have you staining like a professional. DIY staining can be fun and is a money saver. The main thing when it comes to staining is about being careful. Grab your staining […]

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DIY Home Décor Projects

April 10, 2018

Home décor can be a bit pricy, but these projects will save you some bucks. DIY home décor can be done in a way that it does not come off as so crafty. Instead it will make people think that you spent a pretty penny on each of these items. These do it yourself projects […]

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Interior Decorating Tips

January 24, 2018

Decorating the interior of any home can become a new hobby for someone. Interior decorating can also become expensive and take up a whole lot of someone’s time. These decorating tips are here to help anyone who has caught the interior decorating bug. All of your friends will become jealous of your home and you […]

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Back To School Tips

Back to School Tips

January 9, 2018

School is coming up real soon and that means prepping for your classes. It is best to get ready for school before classes start, so you do not begin panicking in week one. These back to school organization tips will help you get a head start before the business of school begins again. Some people […]

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Easy DIY Home Repairs

December 12, 2017

Things break and things need repairing all the time. It is a lot easier to know how to fix some breaks yourself, instead of having to call someone up every time something breaks. These easy home do it yourself fixes can be done by anyone. These repairs can come in handy one day and maybe […]

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DIY Crate Planter

November 7, 2017

A crate planter is perfect for any garden you are planning to grow. Whether it be for vegetables, flowers or anything else you desire, a planter is perfect for it. Creating your own planter will be the perfect fit for your own space. You can decide on the size, color and where to place it. […]

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Let’s Get Creative: Furniture Upcycling

October 27, 2017

Let’s Get Creative: Furniture Upcycling No, that isn’t a typo. Upcycling – reusing objects that would otherwise be discarded and creating something new. If you feel like your furniture is outdated, consider repurposing it to achieve the new look you’ve been eyeing in the furniture stores or online. Dresser Drawers to Shelves If your dresser […]

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