Sometimes bathrooms need a little bit of a makeover and that can be pricey at times. Here are some bathroom remodeling tips that are within a budget and will make your bathroom the star of the show. There are some bathroom projects out there that will elevate the bathroom and are simple for anyone to do at their home! Get ready for some low priced and great quality DIY bathroom remodeling projects.

Vanity Makeover

Is the paint on your vanity fading or just too dull for your taste? Well there is a simple solution in order to wake it up. Use a gel stain! Gel stain is able to change the color of any vanity and bring it back to life. Here is an easy tutorial you can follow at Designing Vibes.

Mirror Frame

Cherished Bliss has a simple and cute frame that is easy to make for your bathroom mirror. A wooden frame brings a nice pop to the bathroom and creates a homey feeling. You can reuse old wood and paint it up to make it look brand new. Everyone will be stopping to take a second look in this mirror. This is a great remodeling trend.

Peel & Stick Tile

Too expensive to pay for someone to come in and tile up your bathroom? Well these peel and stick tiles are a great option for anyone trying to update their bathroom and stay within a budget. You can create a tile background for your bathtub or use it as backsplash on your vanity. Peel and stick tile is an easy and inexpensive remodeling tip.

Storage Ladder

If you are tight on space in your bathroom, then this DIY storage ladder is perfect for you. Jenna Sue has a great tutorial that shows how to make a storage ladder out of old repurposed wood. This storage ladder is able to hold many items and brings a rustic feel to any bathroom.

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