Home décor can be a bit pricy, but these projects will save you some bucks. DIY home décor can be done in a way that it does not come off as so crafty. Instead it will make people think that you spent a pretty penny on each of these items. These do it yourself projects will be on the inexpensive side and are really fun to do at home or with some friends.

Leafy Candlelight

Sometimes sticking a candle into an empty glass just is not enough. Instead of using paint or glitter to spruce up the glasses, why not try using fake plants. Use fake herbs or tiny flowers to place inside the glasses and give a nice earthy tone to a room. These candles will have everyone asking you how to make them.

Country Feel

Have any old wooden plats or boxes hanging around? Use those to create a nice floral center piece at any dinner table. Sometimes keeping the rustic look of the box can bring a country feel to a dinner table. Staining the box could be another option if you desire to spruce it up a little bit. Add some of your favorite flowers and you will have a new center piece.

Beachy Style

There are many home décor pieces that are rope around a nice vase. Instead of paying the price tag for those items, you can create some yourself. Old wine bottles work nicely. Big vases can be used to hold items as well. Choose how skinny or thick you want the rope to be and hot glue it around your vase.

These DIY home décor projects will have all of your friends and family asking you for tips of how to make them. Best part is that they are simple and easy. Home décor can be made fun with these projects!

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