Most of the things you buy come in some type of plastic container. Plastic can take up to 450 years to decompose, according to Post Consumers. Plastic is everywhere. Instead of just throwing it all away to just collect at a landfill, here are some cool ways to reuse those plastic containers. There are many different ways that plastic can be made into.

Organization Containers

If you are someone that likes organization then look no further. Instead of throwing away all of those giant plastic bottles, you can turn them into organization containers. Those containers that hold your cereal or rice or baking needs can cost a lot but reusing old plastic bottles is free. Here is the cool DIY at Happy Go Lucky.

Parmesan Containers

Parmesan cheese containers are those tall or short plastic containers that are ready to help you shake some cheese on top of your dish. These containers are great to be reused in crafts. Fill the containers with glitter and shake some on to your art work. They are also good to be reused for spices. Make your own spice and sprinkle that on to your next meal.

Wipe Containers

Wipe containers are probably the most common plastic container lying around any home. Do not throw them away! Reuse them! Strip off the wrap to reveal the blank canvas of the container. Decorate the containers anyway you wish. They can be used to organize crafts, writing utensils or just give things a place to go.

Creamer Bottles

Creamer bottles are another great plastic container to use to organize things. You can use these for baking needs. Flour, sugar and candy are ready and easy to pour when needed. Take the label off the bottles in order to see what you have filled them with. Create cute stickers to label each bottle.

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