The gutters are probably something that does not pop into your mind frequently. Gutters are an important part of any home and should be given a little more attention. When the gutters are not working properly there can be some serious problem with the home. Gutter repair can cost some money, but there are some repair tips that can be done on your own. These three gutter repair tips will have you thinking these are easy DIY projects.

Fixing the Holes

Rust can cause gutters to develop holes. If a storm comes through and causes a sharp object or branch to strike through the gutter. To path up these holes you can use some roofing cement. Make sure that the roofing cement is the same material as the gutter. Clean up the area around the hole and then place the roofing cement down and patch up the hole.

Leaky Gutters

Leaky gutters can lead to a whole world of problems; water damage or foundation issues. Most likely the joints in the gutters have become loose. To fix this problem try to adjust the gutter hangers and tighten them. Apply a silicone rubber caulking compound in order to seal up any leaks that may be inside the gutters.

Prevent Pooling

Some gutters can get water puddles around the foundation of homes. These could lead to some serious home damage done the road. Fixing this gutter issue is probably the simplest. Use a splash block at the downspout in order to direct the flow of the water. Another option is a roll up sleeve. This plastic pouch controls the flow and amount of water that is around the home.

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