Before you start staining these are some tips that can help that project. Staining can sometimes be messy and tricky, but these tips will have you staining like a professional. DIY staining can be fun and is a money saver. The main thing when it comes to staining is about being careful. Grab your staining cans and a paint brush and let’s get these staining tips started.

Before Staining

Do not go straight into staining whatever piece you want. Before staining there are some tips to do to ensure the process goes well. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that can get messy. Also, wear gloves in order to protect your hands from getting stained. Try out different stains on pieces of wood to make sure the color is correct.


When applying the stain, make sure that you are using a brush or an old rag. Be sure to have the mixture well mixed in the can before applying. The dyes and pigments could be resting at the bottom on the can. Check to make sure that the wood you are staining is clean, so that there are no spots missed or dirt on the wood.

Pro Stain Tips

If you want the stain color to be darker, add a few more coats on top of it. Mixing stains to get the desired color you want is acceptable. Mix it up and create your own color! Keep the old stain cans in case you have a future staining project. Wipe down the stain in the direct of the wood. This ensures that the stain get into the wood. You can put a water based stain over an oil based stain, but only after twenty four hours of drying for the oil based stain.


Check out this staining video for a tutorial!

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