Benefits of a vertical garden

A garden does not always have to be plants growing in the ground. Vertical gardens are becoming more common now a day. There are several pros that come along with a vertical garden versus a traditional garden. Vertical gardens are great for small spaces. You will be able to plant as many plants as you would like in a regular garden, but save yourself space.

If you do not have room for a traditional garden, then a vertical garden is perfect for you. Some vertical potters are skinny and are able to fit in many spaces. Vertical gardens can be called “living walls,” because they can grow on fences and walls. You will be able to have that garden you have always wanted; it will just be vertical instead of horizontal.

Gardening vertically can help with bending over and if you have a bad back. There is no longer a need for people to get on the ground and maintain their garden. You will be able to stand and be comfortable while tending to your plants. It also benefits the plants with their air circulation. The higher off the ground they are, the better circulation they get.

People living in urban areas are more likely to have a vertical garden, because the plants are growing up instead of out. A benefit to this is that the vertical plants will help clean the urban air surrounding them. They can help clean up bacteria inside homes and apartments.

Vertical plants, or “living walls,” are a great way to bring plants into your life. If there is not a lot of space, then get creative. You can cover a whole wall or fence with plant life. Vertical potters can help you grow vegetables and sometimes this way is healthier for them to grow. A vertical garden helps you get the garden you have wanted to have.

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