Now that winter has come, it is time to start dressing for winter. Go look through your closet and find some old sweaters that don’t fit anymore. Those too small sweaters are going to become your brand new pair of mittens. This is going to one DIY project that can last you and your family a lifetime.

  1. Trace those mittens

First, you will need to trace your hand onto a piece of matter. Make it a little bit bigger than your hand size so it will be a nice, cozy fit. Then cut out your outline and you are ready for the next step.

  1. Cut out your pattern

Next, choose which sweater you want to create mitten from. Make sure it is inside out for when you sew. Then lay your mitten cut out on top of the sweater, at the bottom. Trace the outline and then cut along your outline and you will have two pieces to your mitten.

  1. Sew it up!

Now it is time to start making those new mittens. Take some pins and pin both pieces for the mitten together. This will stop them from sliding apart when you are sewing. Go ahead and start sewing!

  1. Finishing touches

Once you have finished sewing, cut off any excess trim. Next, turn those mittens right side in. Check out that finished product you made! New and free mittens; that is the best.

  1. Repeat

Repeat all of these steps over for the other pair to your perfect mittens.

Now you have the perfect new item for winter. This can also make for a great gift for friends and family. Feathering My Nest has a great tutorial for this DIY, plus her mittens turned out extremely cute.


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