Gardening is a good pastime or hobby that most people should take up and do. There are some plants good for beginners. It always feels good to see your food growing and their progress. That is your own green thumb at hard work right there. There are some foods that require a lot of attention and some foods that are easy enough for beginners. Here are some foods that beginners should start out with.


Herbs are the easiest plant for anyone starting to get their green thumb could grow. They do not require a lot of attention. They require just the usual water and sunshine to help it grow. Basil, cilantro, rosemary and many other herbs could fill your first garden. Just remember to label them so you do not get confused. The smells from herbs are also a nice bonus.

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables do not grow out and take over landscapes. They grow in the ground from the root. Carrots, beets and many other root vegetables are great for people who are learning to garden. Do not forget to label where they are, so you do not forget them. They are great for starter gardens.


As long as tomatoes get enough sun and something supporting them then they are one of the easiest plants to grow. Many places with starter plants will have a cage already placed in for the tomato plants. Tomatoes are not too needy and who does not need some tomatoes in their lives.


Lettuce is a good, resilient plant to start out with in your gardening adventures. This plant usually grows during the colder temperatures. You will be able to eat a salad everyday in you wish. These plants are here to last.


Sun and water is all that these plants need. Give them those two things and a bean bounty will be produced. Beans are easy to take care of and do not require a lot of time and attention.

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