Everyone is going to leave behind a carbon footprint. It is impossible not to, but you can reduce how much of a footprint you leave. Reducing your carbon footprint does not even have to be difficult. There are simple and easy steps that you can take to help out our planet and keep it alive for a long, long time.  COTAP, also known as Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty, has lot of good information and tips to help reduce your carbon footprint.


Driving emits a bunch of CO2. COTAP has a few tips to avoid emitting carbon any more than you have to. Alternatives to driving are walking or biking to your destination. If you can’t do that then carpooling is better than multiple cars to the same destination. Drive a low carbon vehicle that is clean electricity.

Air Travel

The less air travel the better. Air travel is possibly the worst way for you to travel. It is also a huge carbon footprint. Some alternatives to air travel are taking longer and fewer vacations. Also, take vacations that are closer and do not require so many hours of flying.  Need to fly to work? See if you can Skype into those meetings and save our planet while doing it.

Home Energy 

Insulating and getting your home sealed is a great way to reduce that carbon footprint of yours. Appliances that are labeled with Energy Star are better for the environment. If you are not using a light, then turn it off. When it comes to the thermostat do not set it way too high or too low. Simple things down around the home can have a big impact.


Local food is the best food. Eating local food decreases the transportation of foods. Cutting out the beef and dairy in your diet helps you and the planet. The resources it takes to produce that steak or that late night glass of milk is actually a lot. Making some diet changes end up being the better choice in the end.

You can go look on the COTPA website and get even more information on how to cut down your carbon footprint.

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