Now that you apartment or home is green, it is time to change up your pet’s lifestyle for the better. Making your pets go green is easy and a great thing for our planet. People talk about the carbon footprint people leave behind, but your pets can also contribute to this carbon footprint. Let’s help them reduce the waste they leave behind.

  1. Biodegradable bags

Your dog has to go number two outside, but no one likes stepping in the poop that was left behind. Many people use plastic bags, which are not the best thing to our environment. Biodegradable baggies are an amazing second option to plastic bags. Biodegradable bags are perfect, because you scoop up the poop and then you can leave the bag to decompose into the environment.

  1. Eco-friendly litter

Cat litter is usually placed in plastic liner and then thrown away in those plastic bags. There are types of cat litter that are corn-based litter. Instead of throwing it out in plastic you can easily flush it down the toilet. The corn-based litter does not make a clog in the toilet and eliminates those awful plastic bags. Any non-clay litter is not a good option.

  1. Preventing fleas

Shampoo that gets rid of fleas usually has toxins that are not so good or the environment. You can naturally get rid and prevent fleas from bothering your pets. Combing them once daily with a flea comb is a natural and harmless way to prevent fleas. If you require shampoo, choose the organic one that will prevent fleas but do it the green way.

  1. Spay and neuter

There are so many homeless pets that walk our streets today and that has to deal with the overpopulation of dogs and cats. Getting your pet spayed or neutered is going to contribute to cutting down on the population of pets. This helps shelters reduce the amount of animals that they receive a day, but it also increases the chances of a pet getting adopted.

  1. Green cleaners

Anything cleaning supplies you use for pets should be green. All-natural cleaners are better and healthier for your pets instead of all those cleaner full of chemicals. You can even make your own all-natural cleaners and save yourself a few bucks. Green cleaners are the better choice in the end for you and importantly, your pets.







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