There are plenty of things that you can make from old tires. If you need new seating or a bed for your dog, tires can be turned into these. This a great way to recycle some old things and it doesn’t hurt that it can help save a few bucks.

Tire swing
  • This oldie but goodie is a great idea for the kids and it is a way to get them to go outdoors. Choose a color you like and paint the whole tire. You can paint it red and give it a ladybug face for a different style. Get some hardware and chains and find a stable tree to hang it on.
Tire Planter
  • Don’t want to spend the money on those expensive planters? Then recycle those old tires and get creative. Clean out the old tire to make sure it is not dirty. Fill it up with soil and choose any plants and plant your tire. You can paint the outside of the tires for some decorations.
Doggie bed
  • A recycled tire turned into a brad new doggie bed is a great and easy project to spoil your family’s best friend. Practically Functional has a blog that shows the steps on how to put together this easy DIY project. You can decorate the tire to match your dog’s personality and make it their own little unique spot.
  • A tetherball set in the backyard is something that the all the kids will be wanting. Simply Kierste Design has detailed step-by-step instructions to build the perfect tetherball set. This will make a great addition to any backyard.
Tire sandbox
  • Don’t have time to go to the beach and soak up the sun? Well bring the beach to your own home. I Heart Naptime is a good mom blog that shows how she created this beautiful sandbox for her family. You can pain the tire any color or any design you like. Let the kids build some sandcastles while you relax and pretend to have the beach right under you.



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