Plastic is almost impossible to not use in something you have used daily. You can have a hand in reducing the amount of plastic that is being consumed every day. These plastic tips will help you understand that you may not completely escape the total use of plastic, but it will have a huge cut down in the amount you use daily or weekly. Some simple life choices and easy fixes can help reduce down the plastic pollution.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Those plastic bags at the grocery store are not only flimsy, they are a huge part of the plastic pollution. Reusable grocery bags are easy to store and come in different styles. Most grocery stores sell them at the check out for around one dollar. Keep some handy in your car at all times, so you will never forget them.

Forget About Plastic Bottles

Using plastic water bottles all day, everyday is piling up the plastic pollution. Stop buying the water bottles at the grocery store and start using reusable water bottles. You can always clean out the bottle and it slashes down your plastic usage. Reusable water bottles are always handy and you can have different ones with different colors and designs, unlike the boring, typical plastic water bottle.

Clean Out the Kitchen

The kitchen is most likely the number one place in your home that contains the most plastic. Go in there is get rid of the plastic that you do not need or can easily replace with a non plastic item. Trash the plastic wrap, plastic cups, plastic utensils and many more. All of those plastic things can be easily replaces with reusable lids and just cleaning your cups and silverware eliminates the use of plastic utensils.

Plastic Lifetime

Plastic can last a really long time and that has an impact on our planet. Here are some quick plastic lifetimes that may surprise you and change your mind on choosing plastic over the more green option.

  • Balloons: 6 months
  • Plastic bags: 10-20 years
  • Plastic bottles: 450 years
  • Styrofoam: 50 years

You can find out more tips on how to reduce your plastic usage at Fix.

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