There is nothing better than greening up your home and saving money by doing it. Making your home green is not some huge change and costs little to no money to make some of these changes. Here are some little changes to do around your home to help our planet and to save you a couple of bucks.

Door draft guards: These door guards help keep the heat in. This will help lower your electric bills and locking the heat in your room. You can find these guards at a home goods store and they come in cool patterns.

Low flow shower heads: Installing these low flow shower heads reduces about 77% of water that is used when taking a shower. It is not expensive and it lowers your water bill.

Unplug TV when not in use: This is the easiest green tip for you. Just walk over to your TV and pull that plug. You are not home all day, so unplug your TV and save some electricity. When you are going to bed, unplug it right before you rest your head.

Use CFL bulbs: It is time to hop on the compact fluorescent light bulbs, CFL for short, train. CFL bulbs save 66% of energy you use in your home. Fun fact: 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions will be saved if you trade one incandescent light bulb for one CFL.

Compost food scraps: Compost, compost, compost! It may take a little extra time to separate your trash from composting goods, but it is worth the little extra work. In the long run, it lowers the cost of runs you have to make to the dump. The amount of waste produced is hugely lowered.

Clean with vinegar: It is a natural, organic cleaner. Vinegar can kill bacteria, germs and mold and it does not have any chemicals to leave behind in your house. It is a lot healthier to clean with other than other cleaners with chemicals.

Now you can relax and believe me when I say that going green does not mean going broke. Making small changes around your house can have a major, long-term impact on our environment. These changes do not take a big chunk out of your wallet and are so easy to accomplish.




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