All of those cleaners you have stock piled underneath you sink are filled with chemicals. Yuck! There is another, healthier way to clean your home and it is cheaper. You may have some of these products already in your house. Natural cleaners are cleaners that have no harmful chemicals in them. Here are some of the most common natural cleaners and what they can clean up for you around your home. Summer can create a lot of stains, so here are some ways to kill the summer stains.

Food stains: That nice white shirt or perfect little white dress can be easily ruined by that delicious summer barbecue. The dark colors and oil from the sauce can make these stains difficult to get out. Mixing together dishwasher detergent and vinegar can make that stain go far away and those nice whites bright once again.

Grass stains: Without a doubt, there will be grass stains all over the kids’ shirts, pants, and face, everywhere! Instead of putting harsh chemicals on those clothes, you can make your own natural cleaner. Start by treating the stain with hot water. Then mix in 1 part dish soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Go ahead and scrub that stain away and glance at all the “hard” work you have done.

Coffee stains: Bam! Someone has bumped into you and all that nice, brown iced coffee has spilt down the front of your brand new shirt. No need to worry, because natural cleaners are here to save the day. You have to make a paste like cleaner to get rid of this bad boy. Combine washing soda and hydrogen peroxide together and apply the mixture to the stain. Scrub the stain with an old toothbrush and let it sit overnight. In the morning, the coffee stain will have disappeared.

Dirt of any kind: There will be some kind of dirt stain on your pants, shirt, dress or anything when it comes to the summer. Lemon and the sun are the best natural cleaners to deal with these stains. Squeeze the lemon juice onto the stain and let the stain soak it up. Next, hang the dirty clothes up in the sun and watch as that stain starts to go away.

There is no need to have these harmful chemicals filling up the air in your house. Many natural cleaners are easy to put together and majority of the ingredients are probably already hiding about in your house. Do not let these summer stains get the best of you and take a helping hand from the natural stain cleaners.

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