Fall is here, but that does not mean living green is going to get harder or put the brakes on it. It just means a whole bunch of new tips that can prepare you to stay green living during fall. Green living may require some prep work during the fall, but the prep work can feel like fun activities that can be done with the whole family or can help you get some alone time. Going green does not have to end at fall.

Canning the Summer Garden

Prep those summer foods with some canning. The fall and winter weather can be a little harsh on anyone’s garden, so canning is a good alternative in order to keep those foods alive and fresh for you in the months to come. Canning is great for future meals and warm soups you can make during the fall. Canning can make a better difference in going green.

Clean the Furnace Regularly

Cleaning your home’s furnace regularly can have great results for you in the long run. This may not seem like a huge deal when going green, but it can be. The furnace can collect dust and become extremely dirty if it is neglected and sometimes can result in a fire. Get head starts and clean it.

Rake Leaves

Use a rake to clean up those leaves and leave the leaf blower at the store. Leaves can be a great source of mulch for other plants and can be added to a compost. Leaves are a good brown source of food that a compost loves to have. Raking leaves is a better alternative to blowing them with a leaf blower.

Bring Plants Inside

If you have not already done this tip then go do it now. Plants that cannot survive harsh winters needs to be brought inside your home. Bringing those plants inside can help keep them alive through the fall and winter. Keeping them in the house can replenish them and they will be seeing the next summer.

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