Get Organized by Getting Out Clutter

As the end of summer quickly approaches and the hot days turn milder, take the opportunity of the longer days and cooler weather by giving your home a good cleanout.

So, you’re moving. When did four boxes of sweaters become seven? Even if you don’t need to downsize and you just want to get from point A to point B, we can agree that getting rid of a few things would help this process tremendously.

Now, it might be easy just to put everything in a trash bag and take it to your dumpster, but by doing that you’re adding to your local landfill, which should be avoided if possible. If you take a little time to plan out what you’re getting rid of, then you would be surprised at how much of your “junk” is valuable in some way after all. Reach out to local non-profit organizations or shelters and see what their needs are right now. If you have anything to meet those needs, make the extra trip over to donate. If you need some incentive, you can write these donations off on your taxes.

Once you’ve figured out what to do with your junk, you need to stay organized so another one of these serious clutter removals doesn’t happen again any time soon. Here are some tips to make your life a little more organized and hopefully stay that way.

One Space At A Time

Though you may want to take a swing at your entire home or store, start small. Make a list of each space in the house, from the basement to the attic, and complete each space one at a time. When one space is finished, move on to the next one. Before you know it, your entire place is finished.

This Takes Time

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating how long decluttering your space will take you. Overestimate each task so that when you’ve finished before your deadline you aren’t stressing to meet an unrealistic goal.

Two Years Is All

If you haven’t used an item in two years, then it no longer needs to be in your building. It’s time to donate or sell these items.

Make It A Cubby

Separate shelf or drawer spaces into smaller compartments to more efficiently use your available space. This will also help with organizing your space instead of allowing a variety of items to accumulate into a large area. Now, you have to use the smaller spaces efficiently to avoid confusion.

Pick A System

Whether you choose shapes, numbers or colors, choose a method that will help you keep your items and paperwork in place. One of these systems could also help to more easily put away scattered items. With this system, everything has a place.

Don’t Waste That Space

Chances are that your home or office has a space you’re overlooking. Or, if you use it, it’s probably not being used to its full potential. Store items under beds or dressers, or store your items on shelves hung from garage or warehouse ceilings. Opt for a hanging shoe rack instead of putting all of your shoes on the closet floor. If you can consolidate, do it.

You Get Four Boxes

Bring four boxes into an area: Trash, Give Away, Keep, Relocate. Every item in that area must be put in a box. Do not overlook a single item, and BE HONEST with yourself about what you really need.

After you’ve made it through your space and gotten to a point you’re pleased with, stay there. Be mindful of what you are holding on to and why. If you have something similar to what you see in a store, put the new item back. This new mindset will take time—and willpower—before it’s perfected. But with constant practice, you will end up with less clutter than you began with for sure.

Next time, don’t wait until your clutter is unbearable to try to change. Make organization a lifestyle and keep the clutter out. There will be cleanups where your “Trash” pile may be bigger than the others, and if that’s the case call us. We can discuss recycling and sizing options with you and figure out how we can help clean out your home.  And if all that clutter does need disposing don’t forget Bargain Dumpster is here to help!  (803) 573-0003

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