Tis the season for garage sales! Garage sales are a great way for you to de clutter your home and make some money for the summer time. Garage sales have a certain science to them if you want to make sure you sell the majority of your things placed out on the lawn. Here are some pro garage sale tips in order to have the best success this sale.


Most of the time, people know about a garage sale when they actually drive by one. Location is very important when it comes to get getting a lot of foot traffic to come by. Neighborhoods are great locations that attract a lot of customers, but you do not live in a neighborhood then do some research. Locate some heavy traffic areas for your sale.


Getting the word out about the garage sale ahead of time is key. Advertise about the garage sale. You can design signs and post them up around the neighborhood or heavy traffic areas that will attract people’s attention. Social media is also a great platform to use to get the word out about this garage sale you are having. Spread the word!

Prep Work

Do not just throw everything out on a table and think people are going to voluntarily go through piles and piles of chaos. Prep work is a key component to a successful garage sale. Organize things by categories and label them so people can easily find that they are looking for. The more prep work put into the sale the more organized and easier it is for people to shop.


Put the big sellers in front, so those are the items that pull people in. All of the items that are cheaper and miscellaneous can be placed in the back. Placement is key when it comes to grabbing people’s attention and making sure they come in to buy

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