Imagine the amount of water that you use in a household once a day. It may not seem like a lot, but this will show you that there is a lot of water usage going on in the home. These tips will be a good way to recycle water and help reduce the amount of water that goes wasted in a day. Here are some tips to help recycle water in the home!

Shower Water

The shower is where most people tend to use a lot of water. Place a bucket in the shower and watch that thing easily fill up. Shower water can be recused for many other things around the home. You can recuse the water to water plants. Also, take a smaller cup of water from the bucket and use that water to brush your teeth.

Runoff Water

Collect the runoff water that comes from the roof. Place a bucket at the downspout and that will collect more water for you to use. Runoff water can be a big use of water recycling and can help you collect a lot of water. Recycling water can come from inside you outside the home.

Old Water Bottles

If you are someone that has half-drunk water bottles all around your home, then keep them and do not dump that hot water down the sink. The water in those bottles can be used to water plants or even clean off some dirt left on the porch. Old water bottles can have an extra use and have recycled water ready at hand.

Pasta Water

Filling up a large pot with water can result in a lot of water waste if that water is later dumped down the sink. Save that pasta water! Dump the water into another bucket when making pasta. Save the water and wait for it to cool down to use it to water plants.

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