It is garden season again and that means there are new trends for the year. Since the garden season is back here are some trends that you might want to start. There are many different type of garden trends to satisfy any curious person. Some trends may be funky and some trends can be so simple. Here are some of the coolest garden trends that are making head way this 2018 season.

Meditation Garden

Meditation is becoming a bigger and bigger thing every year and there is no more place more peaceful than a garden. It does not take much space to create a meditation area in someone’s garden. A small bench or a stoned or bricked area that calls you to take some time to sit down and relax classifies as a meditation garden.


There is no better feeling than turning something old into something so beautiful someone thinks you bought it at the store. Take an old water feature like a sink and turn it into a beautiful makeshift pot or pond. Some imagination and DIY magic can turn anything into a brand new feature.


These low maintenance plants are perfect for any busy bee or city dweller. Succulents come in many different shapes and sizes and can become a garden decoration for around the home. Try mixing different colors to bring out a different look.

Indoors Plants

As long as you place the plants in contact with some sunlight, then the plant can survive indoors, even in the bathroom. Bringing nature indoors can bring a sense of calm to a room. It is also a nice touch to have in some rooms. Remember to water the plants and watch them blossom as well as they would outside.

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