It’s Time for Fall Cleaning

Did you think your only major cleanout was Spring?  Think again!  Now that summer is over and the colder months are coming, it’s time to conquer some much-needed chores and get ready for winter.


  • If your deck isn’t screened in, then it’s time to clean and store your patio furniture, umbrellas and any outdoor summer toys.
  • Touch up the paint jobs on your trim, railings and decks. You can use a wire brush to remove flaking paint. Maybe it’s time for a fresh seal on your outdoor wood too.
  • Check the caulking around your windows and doors to make sure it hasn’t cracked or come off.
  • Do your external and garage doors close tightly? If not, install some weather stripping or new door thresholds.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Drain and store your garden hose. Cover the outside spigots as well.
  • Clear your gutters.
  • Have a fireplace? Put it to good use this winter! But first, have it cleaned out.


  • Vacuum your drapes and/or curtains. Clean window sills and window wells as well.
  • Vacuum your upholstered furniture, or have it professionally cleaned if necessary.
  • Move your furniture and vacuum where it used to be as well as behind it.
  • Wash the inside of your windows.
  • Turn mattresses front to back and end to end
  • Clean all of your family’s bedding: mattress pads, pillows, duvet covers, blankets and comforters.
  • Schedule a professional carpet cleaning while warm afternoons can still speed up carpet drying.
  • Clean and organize your kitchen cabinets.
  • Clear kitchen counters of anything you haven’t used in the last few weeks—this could be a blender, a coffee maker or a toaster.
  • Vacuum your refrigerator’s condenser coils.
  • Wash the bowls on your light fixtures.
  • Inspect your washer hose for bulges, cracks or splits. These should be replaced every other year.
  • Check the dryer’s exhaust tube and vent for built-up lint, debris or even birds’ nests.
  • Drain the sediment from your hot water heater.

Following this checklist will have you on your way to a clean and cozy winter home, inside and out.  And don’t forget Bargain Dumpster is here to help with all your disposal needs.  (803) 573-0003

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