Fall Yard Cleanup

Don’t wait until spring to get your yard in order. Taking these ten preparatory steps before winter sets in will ensure you can make the most out of your yard next year.

  1. Clear out flower beds. You don’t want pests and critters settling in for the winter underneath the fallen leaves and weeds.
  2. Till your vegetable garden. Once you’ve picked all of your vegetables for the season, pull out the old vegetable plants and till the entire plot of dirt.
  3. Trim the trees. You don’t want any large or haphazard branches causing problems for your house during the winter. Snow or ice on those could result in a broken window, roof or even a power outage if it’s too close to a power line.
  4. Clean the gutters. Check that your gutters are draining and clear out any blockages if necessary.
  5. Drain your water pumps. Drain all water from hoses, fountains and irrigation systems and store them in a dry place. If you leave water in them during the winter you can risk damaging your equipment.
  6. Aerate your yard. Break up the soil in your yard to prevent water from pooling and guarantee that nutrients will reach the roots of your plants during the winter. If you have a large yard, you may need to rent a walk-behind aerator.
  7. Feed your lawn. Though your lawn will not look it for the winter, you should add a fall lawn fertilizer with a high phosphorous content to encourage your lawn’s root growth and have a green lawn by springtime.
  8. Rake your yard. Rake the leaves in your yard and shred them for mulch around the yard. An alternative shredding method would be mowing over the leaves.
  9. Mow the lawn. Give your lawn one more good trim before winter sets in. This will help dry out the soil more quickly in the spring.
  10. Wash your deck. Prevent mold and mildew by power washing your deck. Then add a weatherproof stain to protect the wood from moisture during the winter.

Follow these steps to be on your way to a winterized yard that’s ready for spring.  As always Bargain Dumpster is ready to help anyway we can!  (803) 573-0003

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