Instead of throwing out all of those pumpkins into the trash, you can recycle them. Pumpkins have so many other uses instead of just carving them and setting them out for some decoration. Each piece of a pumpkin can be recycled in some way. The inside of a pumpkin is full of different treasures. Here are some easy ways to recycle your pumpkins.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great and healthy snack for anyone. Roasting pumpkin seeds is the best way to taste all of their flavor. Toss them in a ball with some olive oil and pop them into the oven for about 30 minutes or to however you would like them best.

Pumpkin Soup

There is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on a chilly afternoon. Pumpkin soup is a great fall favorite that can warm you up instantly. Puree the pumpkin and throw in some fall spices to make is flavorful. This soup will quickly become a favorite during this fall season.

Spa Time

Create your own spa at home with a pumpkin mask. Make some pumpkin puree and mix it with honey or whole milk. Spread this silky mixture on your face and sit back and relax. A little seasonal spa time at home will get rid of anyone’s stress.

Add to the Compost

If your pumpkins have seen much better days then you can add them to the compost. They will break down within a few weeks and carry a bunch of nutrients that your compost will love you for. Carved pumpkins are perfect for composting.

Veggie Stock

The guts inside a pumpkin will make for a great vegetable stock. Any stock recipe that you like will work nicely with some pumpkin. Don’t just throw the guts away when carving, because they can be easily recycled.


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