When the weather is colder, we tend to feel more comfortable and cozy at home. Therefore, this is the season to binge all the movies that you missed throughout the year. So, why not watch all them in your very own home theater?  Why not get yourself busy and renovation a room in your house? Before you get started, keep in mind these dos and don’ts on building an at home theater. This will save you a lot of trail and errors during the design and building process.


Utility Surge protector 

As you can imagine there will be a lot of electronic that will be playing function in an at home theater such as sound system, projector, snack machine, etc. With all those there might not be enough outlet for you. Thus, surge protector are your best friend with this project. Not only do they provide more outlet using just one, but it protect your electronic from any power surge that may occur during storm. No worry no problem with your own trusty surge protector.


We go to a movie theater for the surround sound that incase you to the movie and make it all the better to enjoy. However, without sound proofing the desire room, it would annoyed the rest of the home hold or even your neighbors. Even for optimizing your sound quality, soundproofing is highly consider. Thus, make sure to cover your walls with acoustic wall panels. However, if that is unpleasing, a good drywall will be fine just add some nice plush drapes and carpeting to the room.

Good sound quality

Sound is the best part of the movie, having that surround sound system make it feel like you are right there at the movies. People are discouraged from a high-quality sound system because they believe it only for specially gifted people and that there really isn’t a difference. However, the stimulus that come from a higher quality sound make the increase our experiences physically, emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally.

Universal remote for everything 

A remote that control everything, what a life saver. With Logitech Harmony remote control you can control five 0r six different system, plenty for a home theater. If keeping up with a remote might be too troublesome for your liking, you can also control everything from your mobile device or laptop, and even voice control your devices.

Comfortable seating

The seats that you choose is an important aspect in the design process. Keep in mind the chair you choose must be comfortable long period of time. Seating type and layout is critically to the comfort of the room. There are a lot of option of recline chairs or conch bed. As for the layout, they should have good view of the screen without any significant amount of strain on the body.

Good light system 

Invest in some good lighting for your theater. You would want a remoted light system to set the lighting to your personal preference. Some of us want a dark room to enjoy the movie is full color range, whereas we want to also move around to get more popcorn without tripping.


Picking the wrong room

The room in which you want to have your home theater is key. You want to look for the room that already have good amount of space and lighting. Choice a room that is either a large square or rectangular with easy access to wire, because get ready for a good amount of wiring. Make sure the room have a good spacious wall for where you will set up your movie screen. Don’ forget, lighting of the room will determine the picture quality; therefore, big window is a big no–no.

Screen distance

The distance the screen is from people is critically to prevent any eye strain or damage. So, the rule of thumb would be 1.5-2 times the diagonal width of the screen. Also, don’t forget the positioning of the screen along the wall, it should be eye level, because of course we want to make this the most comfortable home theater.

Door location 

When choosing where to set up the home theater system, make sure you consider that the home should have minimal natural light, so when someone need to leave the room for any reason it won’t distract anyone else. Location is key for optimizing the best at home experience.

Cutting corner with cables and wiring

When it come to the different type of cable and wires that will be going into the home theater, it would ruin your home theater experience if they are to be clutter around the screen. Therefore, set aside enough money for wiring accessories and labels.

Color chooses

Color matter to the overall environment of the home theater. Don’t be tempted to paint your walls any bright color to make the room or lively. Unfortunately, that would ruin the viewing experience, since the bright colors reflect light and distract you from the movie. Therefore, opt for neutral color.


Getting to build your own dream home theater is an exciting process, however, keeping these dos and don’ts will prevent any unnecessary complication. Furthermore, to help you with where to start on design, check out our Pinterest board on home theater.

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