The groundhog has made its prediction, we are having an early spring! You know what that means, spring cleaning is coming early this year! DUN DUN DUH! This is the time to clean your house from top to bottom and bring in the spring season with a refreshed feeling. Before thinking about your game plan, look at these 10 useful tips to make your time more effective and cleaning easier.

1. Garbage disposal

You might not think of it, but all that food has to go somewhere. Over time without cleaning the line that it goes through, there will be a subtle odor from your sink that you’re not sure where it is coming from. To prevent this from happening, clean out that garage disposal.

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2. Pillow

All year round, we would weekly or bi-weekly clean our pillowcases to promote good hygiene. However, over time without actually cleaning the pillow itself there will be a pileup of different elements. So here is your chance to throw that pillow into the washing machine.

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3. Mattress

If you are going to do your pillow, don’t forget about your mattress. Of course, there isn’t there a washing machine big enough for your mattress. But you’re in luck, grab your vacuum to suck up all the dirt and dust trapped in the fabric. Then, using a damp towel, wipe the bed from top to bottom and even the sides. If that is not enough for you, spray the bed with disinfectant.Image result for bed

4. Microfiber cloth towel

Microfiber cloth towel is your best friend this spring cleaning. Use it to collect the dust, wiping down the sticky spots. Ditch the feather duster, and use a microfiber cloth and a tong to wipe off your windows blind and ceiling fan. Furthermore, you can use the cloth with a knife and clean the tight/small area.

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5. Fridge

Let’s talk about the fridge, all those foods you left in there for way too long have left a little something if you didn’t directly clean that spot after removing the food. Cleaning your food would eliminate that bad odor when there was no reason for one. On the other hand, you can also rearrange your fridge, and do something new.These are such great ideas to get the house organized. I'm really excited to try some of these organization ideas.

6. Don’t take the easy way out

Taking the easy way out is a bad practice to get from point A to point b. If you decide something is too much at one time, divide the work among people in the household or even for a different day. Spring cleaning is a big job, don’t stretch yourself too thin, have fun with it.

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7. Shower drains

All the dirt and dead skin over the year. Of course, don’t forget the hair. Clean that shower drain, it is time. Thus, mix ½ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of salt. Pour that down the drains then 1 cup of heated vinegar and let be for 15 minutes. If you see foam and bubbles, you did it correctly.

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8. Using multiple cloths

don’t use the same cloths for all cleaning, you’re just spreading the germ from surface to surface. To combat that, clean the clothes between uses or use a new clean cloth. Don’t forget, don’t take the easy way out.



9. Trash can

Don’t forget about the little things. Your indoor and outdoor trash can need to be cleaned as well, the little thing will go a long way.

10. Clean your cleaning equipment

Your cleaning equipment needs love too. Cleaning equipment needs to be cleaned at the end of the day, they may clean for you but can’t clean themself. Taking care of them would help them last longer. We all know those vacuums, and scrubbers are not cheap.

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With these 10 tips, you will crash this year’s spring cleaning. Good luck and have fun! Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration on some decluttering tips for this year’s spring cleaning endeavor.

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