Does going up to your attic strike some fear into your heart? Can you even see the floor when you pop your head up into the attic? Well, it might be time to declutter the attic is you answered yes to either or both of these questions. The attic does not have to be a clutter disaster. It can be organized and you will be able to find anything with ease. These decluttering tips will have your attic looking brand new and you might have some more storage space available.

  1. Clear It Out

Clear that attic out! It may seem like a big job to tackle, but once you start it does not seem as massive as you think. Labeling things would be a great system to clear out the attic. Decide on what to keep, get rid of and what to donate. Use labels to decide and watch the clutter to dwindle away little by little

2. Time to Clean

Once you have the attic cleared out, time to sweep and clean away the dirt. Time to start the cleaning process and make sure all the dirt and dust is long gone. A good tip is try using a vacuum if there is a lot of dust, because a broom might keep spreading it around.

3. Inspection

Next, have the attic inspected for insulation. It never hurts to have an inspection on the attic and a well insulated attic is key to a well insulated home. This is easier to do in a decluttered attic.

4. Sort Items Out

Once everything is in order, it is time to put the belongings back in the attic. Sort the items out with a system, so you know where everything is whenever you go back up in the attic. Only deal with once section at a time. This prevents confusion and more disorganization.

5. Keeping It Clean

Keep each item where it belongs. Do not go switching things around or just throwing an item to the closest bin. Cleaning the attic monthly will insure that dust does not pile up and your items are well taken care of through the years. Keep that attic decluttered.

Check out these checklist to make sure attic stays decluttered.

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