Flooding can happen at any time of the day or night, hence the name ‘flash flooding.’ Floods can cause extensive damage to a home and can cause people to lose many things. These tips will help you properly protect your home and be readily prepared for a flood at any time. According to FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, floods are the most common and most expensive natural disaster. Stay prepared and protect your home.

Fill Up Cracks

Check out the foundation of your home and make sure there are no cracks in the foundation. If there are, then it is wise to fill them up. Floods can slip through these cracks easily. You can fix the problem yourself with some mortar and hydraulic cement. If the cracks continue to happen, then have someone come out and investigate on what the issue is. Continuous water damage can have some serious affects to a home.

Move Expensive Items

Any items that are expensive or have emotional value, move them upstairs or to higher ground. Items that are on the first floor or in a basement are the one that are going to be first ones hit during the flood. If you do not have a second floor then move the items to the attic to ensure that those items survive the water damage.

Determine Water Flow

Look around and see where you house is located. Is it located at the bottom of a slope or at the very top of the hill? Knowing the location and where your home is placed is a huge clue as to how the flood will hit you. Go outside and pour some water out and see if it rolls to or away from your home. This is an extremely helpful and super easy test anyone can accomplish.




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