Gardening does not come to and end with the cold weather comes knocking at your door. Winter time does not always put a stop to gardening time. Winter gardening is a different in gardening in the other seasons. Plants that grow in the winter time are strong and sturdy plants that can hold up to these cold temperatures. Winter gardening does not have to be a struggle. These winter vegetables can withstand harsh weather and these tips can help you help them survive a little easier this season.

Winter Crops

There are certain types of vegetables that are strong enough to withstand these harsh winter conditions. Longing for some greens this winter then try to grow kale, arugula, cabbage or Brussels sprouts. You can grow your very own garden salad if you so desire. Carrots, beets and parsnips are some strong crops that can survive the winter season.

Protect Your Garden

There are several gardening tricks that can help protect a garden during the winter time. A pro tip for protecting your garden is to not be over protective. If you are using a device that covers the plants and keeps them warm then remember to let them air out and not get overly heated. Too much heat may end up causing more harm than good. One gardening trick is mulch. Mulch helps protect your plants’ roots from the frost or extreme cold.

Winter Protection Devices

Some devices that can protect your garden during the winter are simple. During the night time, you can easily toss some old blanket over the plants and take them off when the sun is out. Some people prefer to use hot beds or you can bring some of the plants inside if it gets too chilly outside. A greenhouse is always a good option to have if you are growing plants in extremely cold conditions.

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