A zero-waste lifestyle may seem impossible, but it can be accomplished. The concept of a zero-waste lifestyle may be hard to understand. Here is a little beginners guide to living this sustainable lifestyle. Zero waste does not exactly mean that you never ever produce waste ever again. Some of the items you buy do come in containers or other things, but this is to reduce as much waste as possible and to better your lifestyle and choices.

Inventory Check

Starts by going through all of your cabinets, fridge and every nook and cranny. It is time to go through everything and see what can be made into something else, what can be recycled and what should be thrown out for the very last time. An inventory check is a great way to start this zero-waste living.

First, Food

After you have gone through all the food in your kitchen, decide what you can no longer can be digested. Instead of just throwing all of those scraps in the trash you can start a compost. This is a great alternative to trash and is easy to do at home. Here is our blog on how to start your own compost.

At Home Chef

If you are someone that gets all of their meals from popping them into the microwave, then stop. This creates a lot of waste and is not always the healthiest choice. Start small and teach yourself how to cook. Chicken, salmon and shrimp are some easy and simple food that you can cook in many different ways. Anything left over, you can save for tomorrow or add to a compost.

Paper and Plastic

It may seem almost impossible to escape the use of paper and plastic, but there are some ways to get around these two things. Instead of using plastic wrap, you can switch it out for a food wrap. There are many alternatives that can be reused many times and eliminate the use of paper and plastic. Here is some more information of those products and how to use them.


This is only a few tips of on how to start a zero-waste lifestyle. Going Zero Waste has many places and ways to dive into this sustainable lifestyle.

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