Winter is coming in and it is not slowing down. It is time to prep your home for the winter. Winter prep keep a home  stay warm and safe in case of a huge snow storm coming through town. Winter home tips will help you be prepared in advance. Maintaining a home during the winter should not be a hassle. Some simple tips to follow will have anyone’s home sufficiently prepared for the winter season.

Heating System

The heating system in a home is key to the winter time. Your heating system will most likely have a serious use this winter season. This winter home tip is to keep a close eye on your heating system. Replace your filters and get your system checked out to be safe.

Insulation Check

An insulation check is a must that needs to be done this winter season. A pro winter home tip is to have good insulation. Insulation is extra defense from the winter cold coming into your home. Poor insulation can come from the attic or leaks from doors and windows. Getting extra padding for these problems can result in good insulation and less cold in the home.

Pipe Protection

Pipes are very susceptible to cold temperatures. Pipes that are not prepped for freezing temperatures can easily become frozen. This winter home tip would be to make sure your home is well insulated around exposed pipes. A winter storm can hit at anytime. Protect your pipes ahead of time and beat the harsh winter storm.

Emergency Kit

There is nothing wrong with being overly prepared.  Snow storms can cause concern and some damage. An emergency kit is a great thing to have on hand around any home. The winter season can cause power to go out or other types of damage and an emergency kit will help keep you and your family

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