There is so much technology in this digital world. Technology is constantly evolving and the newest products are coming out faster and faster. The old products are either collecting dust in a drawer somewhere or just thrown out into the trash. Now is the time to learn how to properly recycle technology. These recycling tips will reduce the waste of technology that is piling up everywhere and have a benefit in the world.

Where to Recycle

Most places that produce technology or even sell gadgets are the ones that are perfect places to go recycle your old technology. Apple, Best Buy, Nintendo and many other places will happily accept your old gadgets. You can either bring them into the store or mail them in. Depends on where you are going to recycle.


There are several companies that you can donate your old products too. Donating is beneficial to people who can not afford the newest products on the market. These companies reuse old products to other people. You can check out some charities on Mashable.

Get Creative

Repurposing your old technology can be a fun and creative way for someone. You can use an old IPad and hang it on your refrigerator and use it to notify you of important dates and schedules. Get creative and see how you can take your old gadgets and repurpose them to be useful once again.


If you are looking to make a quick buck with your old technology then you should consider selling them. There are several places that will trade your old products for some cash. Check out how the condition of the products need to be in order to get some money back. Here is a list of companies that are easy to use and are glad to exchange money for old gadgets.

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