A construction site is one of the few locations that has the greatest need for a dumpster than any other location. There will almost always be debris, regardless of the nature of the work that is being done. It’s never a good idea to just let the debris pile up, so you should avoid doing that by renting a dumpster.

Not only does having a method to remove the debris as work progresses makes the area safer for the workers, but it also improves productivity. They don’t have to navigate around piles of debris, which allows them to work more quickly and efficiently.

Keeping The Workspace Safe

Your employees are always on the move, frequently carrying things with them or driving vehicles as they go about their work. The last thing you need is for them to trip over some debris or even have to maneuver around them.

In addition, there are debris that present the risk of being cut or punctured. You don’t want to use wood that has nails sticking out of it, and you don’t want to use metal pieces which are sharp enough to cut someone. The presence of these materials may also create difficulties for vehicles that are moving through the site.

Keep in mind that the people you need to protect are not just your employees. It could be the business people or homeowners whose project you’re working on. If your business is located in an area that sees a lot of pedestrian traffic, you don’t want these people to be able to wander onto the property after hours and potentially hurt themselves.

Alternatively, you could try to clean up the mess on your own. It’s possible to put all the junk in a truck or have it picked up. However, you’re removing employees from their work stations & using one of your own trucks, which could be better used elsewhere. In addition, it may take some time to get to the landfill, depending on how long it is.

Furthermore, it is not as easy as it would be for people to take their trash to the local landfill on their own. Be aware that there will be additional paperwork and costs associated with this process.

Doing It Yourself Could Be A Mistake

You can always give it a shot and try to get rid of the clutter on your own, as that is always an option. Consider loading it onto the truck and having it removed from the premises.

Despite this, you are pulling employees away from the work and utilizing one of your own trucks, which might be required for other work. It may take some time, depending on how far away a landfill is located, because of this.

In addition, it is not as easy as it would be for a homeowner to take their trash to the local landfill on their own. Be aware that there will be additional paperwork and costs associated with this process. You will be required to:

Submit an application to the county for a special permit in order to haul & dispose of trash.
Apply to the Department of Transportation for a DOT number, which will come with a number of stringent regulations that you are required to follow.

  • Get them to purchase a unique insurance policy to cover their automobiles.
  • Investing in pricey equipment like heavy-duty trucks & containers is a smart move.
  • As you can see the negatives outweigh the positives.
  • Getting Rid Of Heavy Materials Such As Concrete And Dirt

What to do with bulky materials like dirt, rock, concrete, or bricks can be a challenge on even the smallest of jobs. You’ll be unable to lift the trash can before it’s full if you start throwing these into it.

This type of waste is best disposed of in a construction dumpster. These are typically smaller dumpsters, but they can still hold a substantial amount of waste.

No one has to concern themselves about hurting their backs lifting the heavy trash can when disposing of the materials.

Be aware that most dumpsters used in the construction industry have a mark or line that denotes the maximum level to which they can be stuffed. If you go beyond this, the company that rents dumpsters might not have been able to lift it.

Because of this, your employees might be required to unload it, and you might have to pay an additional fee for the return.

Keep Your Project On Schedule

Increased workers productivity is one benefit that comes from maintaining a clean workplace. They will be able to go about their work unconcerned about what they may or may not come across, which gives them the confidence to move about freely.

Cleanup time is reduced as a result. Remove any debris that has been piled to one side for the time being. Adding this to your already hectic schedule will only make things worse.

Whether you’re working on a large-scale construction project or remodeling your home, having a dumpster on site is essential. Any project’s size can be accommodated by a dumpster rental company’s wide selection of dumpster sizes. Check our locations if you live in South Carolina.

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