Recycling is a year-round thing, but a change in the weather means different things can be recycled. Summertime means there is a change in the weather, clothing and even the food. With all of these changes comes different type of recycling. Summer means there are more chances for different things to be recycled. These summertime recycling tips are here to make your summer a little greener.

Purge the Closet

Go through your closet and purge through the clothes. A change in weather calls for some new clothes, but you should get rid of some old ones first. There are plenty of places that are willing to accept clothing donations. Any local GoodWill is open for clothes donations. You can also click here and locate a clothes donations box near you.

Water Bottles

Summer means the weather is getting warmer and that means people drink more water. Do not keep drinking out of those plastic bottles. Invest in a reusable water bottle and decrease your contribution to plastic pollution. Reusable water bottles are a great summer accessory and are even better for the environment. This is a great and easy summer recycling tip.

Recycling at BBQ’s

There are plenty of summer barbeques that happen. Do not have everyone throw their trash into trash bins. Have some recycling labeled for guests. Bring recycling to these summer time parties and help the planet while having a good time. Maybe you will start the recycling trend amongst your friends and family.

Traveling Tips

Take a lot of summer trips? Well here are some traveling tips to keep your traveling this summer green. Do not keep repeatedly buying small toiletries. Instead, buy small plastic bottles that can be refilled multiple times. Keep up with your own waste and make sure you are actively recycling while away from home. Summer recycling can be hard while traveling, but it can be done.

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