Bugs during the summer time can become a little annoying if you are trying to relax on your porch or throwing a BBQ in your back yard. No one really wants the bugs around. Bug repellants can be filled with chemicals that are sometimes harmful. The best bug repellant is always the natural option. Some plants are natural bug repellants and are the perfect addition to any home. Here are some plants that you may want to add to your garden this summer time!


Lavender is a smell that many people correlate with relaxation and spas, but it also repels mosquitoes, fleas and flies. Unlike humans, those bugs do not like the smell of lavender. Lavender is a beautiful plant that brings some purple to your garden and it is the perfect repellant for those annoying bugs. You can also use the oil from lavender to use on your body as a natural repellant.


Basil is a great herb to cook with, but this is another amazing natural bug repellant to have around the home. Basil helps repel mosquitoes and pesky house flies. The oil that comes from basil leaves can also be a natural treatment for mosquito bites. Add it into some of those dishes you cook at home and keep around the home to ward off the bugs.


Rosemary is another great herb to have around when it comes to cooking. It also has a nice smell. The best part is that it repels mosquitoes. It is also great repellant when it comes to other insects that have negative effects on gardens. This is one good smelling, natural bug repellant.


Lemongrass is a great repellant with mosquitoes. Lemongrass has a natural oil, citronella, that repels mosquitoes. This is a perfect summer time plant to have around the home. It is a natural repellant to those mosquitoes.

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