At least once in everyone’s lifetime, they have had a miserably small bathroom. You no longer have to deal with that small space. No longer will you knock everything over in one small motion. These tips are to help you make that small bathroom more than just bearable.

Shelf Space
  • Shelf space can be life saving when dealing with a small bathroom. Shelves provide more storage for your toiletries. It also gives the sink counter a break from holding all of your supplies. Shelf space is a must when dealing with small bathrooms
Wall space
  • That space above your toilet or on the side of your sink is space you should use. You could add a set of cabinets above your toilet. You could add some shelves to hold reading material or your products. Free wall space can add some more moving room in a small bathroom.
Hang it up
  • Command strips are the gifts that keep on giving. You can place them anywhere you wish and hang up whatever. It can be a nice towel rack. It can hold your hair dryer or flat iron. Hanging things up opens up more space.
Dual cabinets
  • Do not just throw a bunch of crap under your sink cabinet. Put some drawers under there and see the space open up. The amount of storage dual cabinets provide is mind blowing. Having more drawers under there on one side means you can store twice as much stuff.
Back door
  • The back of your bathroom door is… more space! You can hang your towels on the back. The back door supplies more opportunity for that small bathroom. Attach those Command Strips to the back and watch the magic of space happen.

Small bathrooms, everyone has to have one at some point in their lives. They no longer have to be a challenge to deal with. Let your creativity flow and find new ways to create storage in a bathroom. These small bathroom tips can help create a more space and help you enjoy your bathroom for once.






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