Living in a smaller space means that everything should have a function. Every item that is in your living space has to serve a purpose. Living small can be difficult, but with these space saving tips living small can become easier. Small space require creativity and functionality.

Functional Furniture
  • Every piece of furniture should serve more than one purpose. Living in a small space gives your furniture an opportunity to do more than just supply a place for you to sit. Your bed can have extra storage space. There are beds that have built in drawers and are able to hold more clothes when your closet is two sizes too small.
Cabinets, cabinets, cabinets!
  • Cabinet space is everything when living in a small space. Storage boxes are a cute and clever way to gain more storage place in your home. You can mix and match any colors and patterns you want. It is also an organization hack that many parents can use to fine some sanity in their children’s messes.
Small closet, no problem
  • Do not panic. Having a small closet is not the end of the world when you know how to handle the situation. You can get a hanger holder that can hold up to five hangers on one single line. This allows for so much space open for more clothes. If you are a shoe lover, then you can invest in a show holder to go on the back of your door.
Stairs with drawers
  • Stairs are more than just something to walk on. They can be one more storage space to make living in your tiny place more comfortable. Stairs that have drawers can be great place for your family’s shoes to be stored. You can also place your own personal library into each step.
Triple threat table
  • Your dining table, pool table and Ping-Pong table can all function as one great table. Once you and your family and friends are done eating, slide off the diner table to reveal and a nice, fun pool table. After you are done shooting the balls around, go ahead and slide on the Ping-Pong table and get ready for battle. It is a triple threat no great entertainer can resist using.



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